Sexual and reproductive rights

Published on Blog , May 19, 2021
A Feminist Questioning of Criminal Justice Interventions to Address Sexual and Reproductive Rights Violations (executive summary).

The alliance of feminists of the global south, RESURJ (Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice), undertook a desk research project as part of its work of leadership and innovation on the shortcomings and limitations of the criminal system to address violations of sexual and reproductive rights.
Submitted on Legal problems , January 22, 2020
Martina got pregnant as a result of rape by her father. He was convicted and is now in prison. Martina doesn’t know where her mother is. She lives with her aunt and uncle, but they are not her legal guardians. To avoid consequences for them, Martina chose not to register her baby.
Submitted on Legal problems , January 22, 2020
Juan is of legal age, and he is Andrea’s partner. They are having their first sexual encounters and, since they do not have comprehensive information about sex practices, Andrea got pregnant. To avoid any potential legal consequences against Juan because of him having sexual relations with a minor, Andrea prefers not to visit health facilities during her pregnancy and childbirth.
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